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This quiz is on the “Distance, Speed and Time Problems” topic for GCSE 9-1 Mathematics. The focus of this quiz is to help you revise and prepare for the question on “Distance, Speed and Time Problems”

There are ten questions in this section. Answers will not be revealed in this test. However, you can click here if wish to view or take the same test with an option to show answers and explanation after each question. Good luck 😉

1. John takes 6 hours to drive a distance of 222 km on the M1 motorway, what was the speed John was travelling at?

2. A snail crawls at a speed of 0.0035 m s-1 for 1 hour. How far can the snail crawl in this time?

3. If a car is travelling at a speed of 63 km h-1, how long ( in seconds ) would it take the car to travel 62 km?

4. Convert the speed of 72 km h-1 into m s-1 ( meters per second ).

5. Convert the speed of 52 m s-1 into km h-1.

6. A circular part of a machine rotates at 760 revolutions (rotations) per minute ( rev m-1 ). What is the speed of the circular part in revolutions per second ( rev s-1 )?

7. The radius ( r ) of the London Eye is 70 m. How far in meters, to 1 decimal place, will a person sitting on the wheel travel, if the wheel makes 7 full revolutions?

8. At the equator, the circumference of the earth is 45170 km. Knowing that a day has 24 hours, what is the earth’s speed of rotation in m s-1, to 1 decimal place?

9. The speed of sound at sea – level is 380 m s-1. Alan is standing 420 m from his friend, Paul. If Alan shouts to Paul how long, in seconds, will it take before Paul hears him?

10. Light travels at a speed of 400 000 000 m s-1. What is this speed in km h-1?