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This quiz is on the “Periodic Table Part 1” topic for GCSE 9-1 Chemistry. The focus of this quiz is to help you revise and prepare for the question on “Periodic Table Part 1”

There are ten questions in this section. Answers will not be revealed in this test. However, you can click here if wish to view or take the same test with an option to show answers and explanation after each question. Good luck 😉

1. Which property of the elements did Mendeleev use to create his periodic table?

2. How can you find the number of electrons in the valence shell of the elements of a specific group?

3. What does the atomic number of an element represent?

4. What is the atomic mass of an atom equal to?

5. What is the common name for the elements in group 8?

6. The middle of the periodic table between Group 2 and Group 3 is commonly referred to as:

7. Pick the correct list of elements found within the transition metals block:

8. Which of the following groups of elements is the easiest to gain electrons?

9. Which of the following are non-metals?

10. Strodium belongs in group 2 of the periodic table while Caesium belongs in group 1. Which of the two has a greater atomic number?