Our mission is simple, to make GCSE learning and revision accessible to everyone.


Welcome to GCSE Step-by-Step. We are all about replacing boring GCSE revision guides and textbooks with interactive and fun new ways to study and learn. Most importantly, our GCSE revision programme covers the syllabus according to the exam boards, so they are designed to help you improve and pass your GCSE exams.

Student Planning GCSE Revision
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When it comes to study and revision, fads and fashion come and go. We have one purpose: and that is to help students revise for their GCSEs – most effectively. More importantly, we use learning and revision techniques that have been proven to be effective.

We have taken the most popular GCSE subjects and cut them down to bite-sized topics; each topic has a set of interactive quiz based around the current GCSE syllabus. Our GCSE quizzes make learning feel like child’s play so that students can learn, practice and revise – very quickly and effectively – without the stress, and achieve great results! It is that simple.

We know learning can be fun if designed and structured in the right way. We also know that knowledge that is engaging is almost always more effective than learning that is not.

Our platform implements questions and quizzes in fun yet challenging way – and we have a structured programme to enable students to revise for their GCSE exams in a simple yet highly effective way.

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GCSE Revision Plan

Proof is in the

Through the success of  Kumon, and more importantly BBC Bitesize, and from our own direct experience as past and present students and educators, we know that regular practice and revision is the most effective way of revising and leaning. More importantly, we know through academic research done by highly respected experts in education like Dr Pooja Agarwal and her research on Pedagogy – that questions and quizzes are the most effective way of revising for your exams.

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"We have absorbed all the positive elements of decades of successful learning and revision and fused all the features that have proven to work into GCSE.CO.UK."
Ryan: GCSE Curriculum Co-Ordinator
Curriculum C-Ordinator