The GCSE platform helps Secondary School students learn and prepare for their exams in Maths, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, and English Literature.


Your school can have any or all of these services:



Our platform is available for schools to enhance and support your student learning.

We can provide schools with an off-the-shelf learning and revision platform, or we can build your school a custom in-house platform!

We are the only revision platform in the UK to be able to provide schools with a completely custom tailor-made solution where you create your questions!


✔ Our platform has advanced analytics to shows teachers their students' progress and accuracy, down to every detail.

✔ You can see how individual students are progressing or struggling.

✔ Teachers can target learning around areas where students show low scores.

✔ As our devices are web and app-based, students are motivated to play at home as well during break times!



GCSE.CO.UK helps students in year seven upwards learn and prepare for their GCSE exams. Our content is written by teachers and subject experts and is tailored to exam board requirements. Alternatively, if you prefer your school could prepare the questions and content. Our quizzes reinforce student's knowledge, and it has also been used effectively to teach new material ahead of the class!

Our platform adapts to the needs of the students, and challenges them where they need to be tested! Our method of targeted repetitive questions makes learning very effective and efficient - as has been proven by the success of Kumon and other such tools.

Our quizzing and mock exam platform work best when used over a long period. GCSE.CO.UK is a tool designed to complement and support your school work. Although it has great success as the last minute revision tool, however, students who gain the most are those who start on our quizzing programme as early as possible.

We advise students to start at Year 9 and spend 10 minutes during the weekday playing the App.



Imagine being able to create quizzes, mock exams and questions for your class as quickly as writing a simple email!

Imagine having a dedicated site for your school, and being able to give your students the access to practice and take tests as often as they want!

Imagine being able to see the progress of students almost instantly, and knowing where they need to improve!


If you think this would be what your school needs, then get in touch because we can create a platform just for your school, e.g. So if your school is called "St Pauls", you would have a dedicated platform for your school at "".

Your school platform will only be accessible to your school students. You can update the questions and exams as often as you need!

We will design it, build it, and maintain it. To change and update the questions, is almost as easy as writing an email! It is that simple.


A Platform for Your Class!

You can set up questions by subject, class, year, or any other type of grouping. We can create multiple choice, fill in the blanks, numerical questions, and even essay or open-ended questions for marking by tutors!


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We can do a short demonstration, which typically takes 20 minutes through screen share. We can provide custom quotes, and volume discounts are available for schools and educational organisations. Schools on average pay £15 per pupil or £25 for all the subjects!

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